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Welcome to the USOSweb website of the Poznań University of Economics and Business

Logging into the system - PUE employees

Using the system platform is on the login and password side (the "log in" option in the corner of the website). PUEB employees log in to the system using UID (NIU), i.e. the user number at IT universities and the password to the university / e-HR.

Logging into the system - PUEB students / PhD students

Using the system's functionality is possible after entering the login and password (the "log in" option in the upper right corner of the page). PUEB students / PhD students log in to the system using UID (NIU), i.e. the user number in university IT systems and the password to the university e-mail / e-BOS. Students / PhD students admitted to studies, in the academic year 2020/2021, during the first login to the USOSweb system, provide the UID (NIU) and password, which they received via e-mail to the address provided during the enrollment for studies. The new password set in USOSweb is valid in all university systems that can be logged in using the UID (NIU). After receiving the e-mail, logging into the USOSweb will be possible the next day.

PUEB graduates and students who have been admitted to the first year of second-cycle studies have the UID (NIU) and password the same as in first-cycle studies or other studies of which they are or were students at PUEB (these people do not receive an e-mail with UID and the starting password) ). In case of problems with logging in, please contact us at helpdesk@ue.poznan.pl

Database synchronization

Every day at 4.00 am there will be a synchronization with data on the university USOS - during the synchronization the system will be unavailable! It should be checked that the payment data in the USOS main bank are visible in the USOSweb only after the data has been corrected, at the same time the changes are corrected in the system by BOS employees and other information is visible in the USOSweb module the next day.



Students of the first year of the first and second degree programs starting their studies in the academic year 2023/2024

Students of the first year of the first and second degree programs starting their studies in the academic year 2023/2024 are required to undergo mandatory health and safety course.
The course is conducted in the form of e-learning, on the eUEP teaching portal (Moodle).

The health and safety course is completed with a test credit. Passing the test is obligatory to get a confirmation of training completion in the student's periodic achievement card. Failure to confirm completion of the HS course may result in dismissal from the list of students.

After passing the health and safety test, a statement and certificate of completion must be printed and delivered to the International Relations Office (room 120A).
The course must be completed no later than November 30, 2023.

Login to the course Safety and Health Course :
- The course is posted at: https://moodle.ue.poznan.pl/bhp.php
- From the list of courses available on the site, select the appropriate course, assigned to the form of study (full-time, part-time) and level of education (first degree, second degree).
- If you start studying more than one level or form of study, you have to pass the test for each course separately.

To log in, use the scheme below:
- Login (username): enter the UID (NIU) number sent to the email address provided during enrollment.
- Password: enter the USOSweb password (this is the password set by the student in the USOSweb system).
- Course enrolment key: enter the enrolment key provided in the enrolment information in this field.
- If you lose your UID or password, you can recover it on the USOSweb site.

Please report login and password change problems to helpdesk@ue.poznan.pl

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